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Pedal Adapter – Holley 6 pin to GM Full Size Truck (NBS)

Adapter harness to connect Holley 6 pin pedal connector to GM Full Size truck 10 pin Pedal wiring. No need to change pedal.



This harness does not plug directly in to the pedal. Click here for direct to pedal sub-harness.

Adapter harness used to connect Holley’s 6 pin pedal connection to GM Full size truck 10 pin pedal wiring
Instead of purchasing a new pedal and making it mount in to your 2001-2007 GM Full size truck, just plug this adapter in to the Holley 6 pin flat pedal connection and then in to the 10 pin connector under the hood. This adapter will simply utilize the necessary 6 wires from the existing pedal harness on your truck and supply the necessary signals to the Holley ECU for the electronic throttle to function. Just perform the TPS learn procedure per Holley’s instructions.


  • 12″ length makes it easy to install yet still flexible enough to route and hide
  • Simple plug and play connection
  • No need to purchase replacement pedal
  • Plugs in to original factory pedal wiring under the hood – Not directly to the pedal.
  • Covered in split braided loom

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
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