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Many V8 swaps in to the S-series trucks benefit from moving the radiator forward in to the core support. This means that if you want to retain A/C, you will have to relocate the A/C condenser as well. Our A/C condenser add-on kit allows a simple installation of an aftermarket 12×24 condenser to be installed in front of the stock core support allowing more space for a forward mounted radiator.
The Hood latch bracket alteration also gives more space between the condenser and good latch bracket for additional oil or transmission coolers.

Kit includes:
12×24 A/C condenser
2 – condenser mount brackets
1 – Hood latch modification bracket (Fits 2nd Generation S10 hood latch)
1 – Installation hardware
1 – Installation instructions

Add our S10 A/C line kit and Kwik Performance LSx A/C bracket kit for a complete LSx swap A/C system to work in your 98-up S/T series truck.
The stock S10 A/C lines will not reach this condenser. Custom lines will be necessary and modifications to the core support will be needed in order for the lines to reach the fittings on the this condenser kit.

* It is not known yet whether this kit installs the same in 94-97 trucks.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 6 in

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