3pin_Rnd1 2003 Silverado with TermX Integration 3pin_Rnd2 3pin_Rnd3


Adapter harness used to split the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) signal to feed 2 ECU’s. Works with Holley Terminator X and X Max, Dominator, Sniper, HP


Adapter harness used to split small round 3 pin sensor signals
This simple one-piece Y-splitter will work with many different sensors and pressure transducers found on GM engines and used with Holley EFI as well as many other wiring harnesses and aftermarket ECUs. This allows the signal from sensors like oil pressure, fuel pressure, or even TPS to feed 2 different computers like a Holley Terminator, Dominator, or HP and a stock GM ECU so you can retain factory gauges and other functions.


  • Works with many factory and aftermarket pressure sensors and transducers
  • Simple plug and play connection
  • Covered in braided style wire loom
  • 8″ length gives room to plug in and tie out of the way

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in