Gen V L83/L86 truck harness package
Gen V L83/L86 truck harness package GenV_L83-2 20160906_095648 FuseBox_Close



Engine harness package for Gen V LT1 engine shown. Actual product may vary.

Our standard harnesses are 4 feet from the rear of engine passenger side.
Available options Transmission, Electric Fans, and Upgraded Braided loom.

Please Call for Custom Options

  • Custom ECM and/or Fuse Box Location
  • Extra Length
  • PWM Fuel pump (FPCM) wiring
  • PWM fan controls
  • Add 6L80e/6L90e transmission wiring
  • Add 8l90e transmission wiring & TCM
  • Add 10l90e transmission wiring & TCM
  • Any other custom requests

**Custom Harness production time is currently around 8-10 weeks**

Built From Scratch Stand Alone Engine Harness

An engine management harness is pretty much what you will find from most wiring harness companies. Basically, it contains all of the necessary functions to make the engine start and run, while also supplying any necessary signals from the computer such as speedometer and check engine light control.

Our engine management harness contains any fuses and relays that will be needed, and the required splicing on the consumer’s end of it is fairly basic. There are no main power feeds required for this harness, just a single switched ignition power will switch a relay in the harness that in turn, supplies 12V power to all of the required engine sensors and the ECU.

These harnesses are designed for the hot rod, or project car that will be using aftermarket or mechanical gauges. There is no wiring for oil or temperature gauges since the aftermarket usually supplies sending units and wiring for these.

All of our harnesses, whether it is a complete custom harness, or our engine management harness, come with an easily accessible DLC (Data Link Connector) that is usually long enough to be mounted in the passenger compartment. This allows for easy access to the ECU via a laptop or standard scan tool.

Harness Loom Options

Harnesses come covered in standard OE split loom.

Optional braided loom available for an extra charge.

Fuses & Relays

The Fuses and Relays for our harnesses come in a compact OEM looking Fuse/Relay center where all of the components are in one central location.

The fuse/relay center style is shown here.

All of the fuses and relays are labeled on the underside of the covers just like a factory vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 10 in