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Throttle body and pedal sub-harness for Holley EFI Terminator X Max and Dominator ECU. Choice of pedal and throttle body connectors.

6 Pin C6 Vette/CTS-V & Trailblazer
10 Pin NBS Truck
6 pin Colorado
6 Pin NBS Truck
8 Pin GTO
10 Pin C5 Vette
6 Pin Trailblazer
Choose pedal style
6 pin LS2/LS3
8 pin Early Truck
2/6 pin C5 Vette
Choose Throttle Body Style
Length in inches from ECM to Pedal
Length in Inches from ECM to Throttle Body


The Holley Terminator X Max and Dominator ECUs are capable of working with many combinations of GM pedals and throttle bodies. The offerings of wiring harnesses from Holley for electronic throttle are slim, so CPW has put together a way to get a variety of combinations of pedal and throttle body wiring.
Simply select your pedal and throttle body to be used, and tell us how long to make it.


  • Same components from GM and Holley production suppliers (Aptiv, Molex and TE, not knockoff parts)
  • Foil shielded signal wires matching Holley production wiring
  • Covered in braided split loom to match the rest of the Holley engine wiring
  • Assembled and tested by our team in Port Richey, Florida

Examples of Pedal Styles

CPW Pedal Choices

Examples of Throttle Body styles

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in