Add-On Modules

Upgrade your LS Engine Swap with our comprehensive collection of Add-On Modules. Each product is designed to provide additional functionality and improve the performance of your engine setup.

In this category, you’ll find the Holley Terminator A/C Add-on module, designed to seamlessly integrate your air conditioning system with your engine swap. It’s the ultimate solution for those sweltering summer days.

Take control of your engine’s cooling with the E-Fan Add-On Module (Sealed) and H.D. E-Fan Add-On Module (Sealed). These products are engineered to enhance your fan’s efficiency and cooling capability, ensuring your engine stays cool under pressure.

We also provide the E-Fan & Fuel Pump PDM w/ Flex Fuel and Alt PnP for Holley and the HD E-Fan & Fuel Pump PDM w/ Flex Fuel and Alt Holley PnP. These products are designed to optimize your fuel management, improving efficiency and performance.

The Holley EFI CAN Input/Output Module Kit 554-165 and the Dual HD Fuel Pump Relay Module are perfect for those who want to take their engine’s performance to the next level. They offer precise control and monitoring, allowing you to fine-tune your engine swap to perfection.

Explore our collection of Add-On Modules today and find the perfect upgrades for your LS Engine Swap.