Elevate your vehicle’s wiring systems with our versatile “Extras” category. This section is dedicated to providing supplementary products that enhance and optimize your vehicle’s electrical setup, ensuring both performance and safety.

Discover our “E-Fan Add-On Modules” specifically designed for seamless integration of electric fans into custom wiring systems. These modules are essential for maintaining optimal cooling and are compatible with a wide range of vehicle models.

For those who demand durability in high-temperature conditions, our “High Temperature Harness Tape” is the ideal choice. This tape is engineered to withstand extreme heat, ensuring the longevity and safety of your wiring harnesses.

Our “Heat Reflective Flame Retardant Harness Tape” offers dual protection. Not only does it reflect heat away from sensitive components, but it also provides essential flame retardancy, adding a crucial safety layer to your electrical system.

The “Braided TechFlex Loom Kits” in this category are perfect for those who seek a combination of robust protection and aesthetic appeal. These kits offer flexible, braided sleeving solutions, enhancing the durability and appearance of your wire harnesses.

For specific electrical needs, items like the “Song Chuan 301-1A-S-R1-12VDC” provide targeted solutions for custom wiring applications, ensuring you have the right component for every project.

Lastly, our “Standard Corrugated Plastic Loom Kits” offer a traditional and effective way to organize and protect your vehicle’s wires. These kits, available in various sizes, are ideal for a wide range of wiring applications.

Dive into our “Extras” category and discover the perfect additions to complete and enhance your vehicle’s electrical and wiring projects.