Optimize your Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, or Hummer H3 LS engine swap with our range of Colorado Swap Parts. Each product is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless engine swap process, offering unrivaled compatibility and performance.

The “GM Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit 19212593” is a crucial component for your engine swap, ensuring adequate oil flow and engine lubrication for peak performance.

Both our “E-Fan Add-On Module (Sealed)” and “H.D. E-Fan Add-On Module (Sealed)” are designed to enhance your engine’s cooling, keeping it operating optimally under all conditions.

Ensure seamless ignition with our “04-up Colorado / Canyon / H3 Modified Ignition Switch,” and achieve a perfect fit for your transmission with our “Adjustable Transmission Mount.”

Our “Colorado LS Swap Trailblazer Pedal Bracket” ensures the comfortable and responsive pedal feel that your project deserves, while the “2004-2007 Colorado/Canyon Integration Harness” provides a perfect interface for your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Explore our selection of engine mounts, specifically designed for the 2015-up Colorado & Canyon, as well as for the 2004-2012 Colorado, Canyon, Hummer H3, and Isuzu i-series.

Finally, don’t forget our “Direct-Fit LSx/LTx Wiring for 2015-up Colorado & Canyon,” providing a hassle-free solution to your engine swap’s electrical needs.

Embark on your Colorado LS engine swap project with confidence using our high-quality Colorado Swap Parts.